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Our services

Pack-System offers packaging technology equipment for various industries. We present the necessary machines in relation to a packaging system which includes the set-up, filling, sealing of a box as well as its placement on pallets by robots and handling within the plant.

Our company is a contractual partner of Bobst Group Central Europe. The Hungarian office acts as a representative of the individual companies of the Bobst Group. We can recommend machines for printing and processing sheet and roll paper as well as plastic packaging materials.

Pack-System can help you in purchasing used paper converting machines, cutting machines and folder-gluer machines. We can also provide spare parts, servicing and technical consulting.

We will inform you about new developments, various exhibitions and professional events.

Our products:

The following equipment is available for processing corrugated cardboard sheets:

The production line manufactured by Asitrade laminates printed sheets by automatic sheet feeding on open corrugated paper. We can recommend various facilities from simple machines with manual corrugated paper feed to production lines equipped with automatic delivery devices capable of producing even five-layer corrugated paper sheets.
The machines equipped with corrugating devices make possible the manufacturing of papers with N. O, F, G, E, B and C wave profiles.

For the sheet-based processing of corrugated sheets, our company recommends printing machines from 2- to 8-color versions and various types of equipment.
The SPO Vision, Mastercut 1.7 and 2.1 flatbed diecutters are specialized machines for sheet processing in 160, 170 and 210 cm widths.
Among the folding gluing machines, the Starfold and Masterfold types serve for folding boxes, which can be ordered in widths ranging from 1.7 m to 3.5 m. Boxes glued together from two or three elements can also be manufactured by using special Polyjoiner equipment.
In Lyon, the Martin company manufactures a wide range of processing machines in Lyon in widths ranging from 1.6 m to 4.6 m. The machines are classified into two main groups: the FFG in-line folding gluing machine with flexo printers, slotter and rotating diecutters, and the DRO with rotating diecutters and flexo printers.
Apart from the above, we can also recommend box stitchers, semiautomatic folding and gluing machines, as well.


Material handling, logistics

We can recommend numerous Europack products for in-plant material handling.

The automatic pallet handling equipment uses robots to place boxes, sacks, pails and barrels on the pallet according to a specified or selected arrangement. Packages can be held depending on the size and the material by the use of clamps, vacuum, forks and electromagnets.
The completed loading batches are also moved automatically by roller tracks to the transportation vehicles and/or the packaging station.